The firm

Providing the best possible service in the field of intellectual property law requires both technical and legal expertise. That is why patent and legal attorneys work alongside one another at our office so that technical and legal issues can be discussed quickly and easily.

From filing applications to enforcement and exploitations

The close collaboration of our patent and legal attorneys enables us to offer a full range of intellectual property services. We can advise you during the development of the invention in research and development projects, concerning the selection and application of intellectual property rights for the invention and in the defending, enforcing and exploitation of the intellectual property rights. Our patent and legal attorneys are admitted to practice before all relevant courts and offices (including the German Patent Office, the European Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the German regional courts, higher regional courts and Federal Supreme Court (in revocation proceedings)). We also represent you in out-of-court arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

An individual service

The quality of any advice depends on a close relationship between the client and the individual attorney. In a patent application proceeding or in a court proceeding, it is not the size of the firm that matters but the familiarity of the attorney with the relevant case and its consequences for the company in question. That is why we never delegate any one case to a large number of associates. And that is why we also know that your questions need to be answered quickly and clearly as a basis for effective decision-making. Decade-long client relations based on trust clearly prove the success of the personal service we offer.

An international network

Intellectual property right applications, infringement disputes and licencing all have to be dealt with from an international perspective. The international network of colleagues that we have gradually built up all over the world means that we can choose the right person based on the technical and legal aspects of the case. We work with colleagues in the USA, Europe, East Asia and elsewhere on a daily basis and are therefore constantly exchanging information with them. This allows us to take the particular requirements of internationalization and subsequent nationalization into account when we prepare intellectual property applications. And when coordinating infringement disputes, we can take particular national features and resulting strategies in account and involve the relevant local specialists in the relevant proceedings at the earliest possible stage.


We have had decades of experience in applying for national and international intellectual property rights and had numerous successes in opposition, revocation and nullity proceedings and infringement cases. We have also represented clients in various technology acquisitions, R&D projects and licence negotiations.


Managing intellectual property portfolios requires cost efficiency. We are used to thinking in terms of your business. Calculating costs and cost transparency are central to our invoicing methodology. Costs can be negotiated individually on the basis of statutory regulations, reasonable hourly rates and cost budgets.


Our firm is based in Europe’s research heartland where there is a strong technological base. We have become firmly established in this region through our numerous clients, including global companies, strong small and medium-sized industrial companies and innovative start-ups. However, because of our specialist expertise, we advise numerous companies throughout Germany and around the world. Our favourable location between the patent offices, the patent courts in Munich and the main infringement courts in Mannheim, Düsseldorf and elsewhere gives us a presence throughout the country.